California Hospice Care, End of Life Care, Home Aid Assistance

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    Nurses are very nice, quick to respond to my mom's needs. They are always available to answer questions, very knowledgeable! They have a great team indeed. I highly recommend them if you or your love ones need hospice care.

    Ralph Martinez
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    UGC Hospice are a wonderful company with great staff. Their number 1 priority is their patients and I recommend them to anyone wanting an excellent service for their loved ones!

    White Rose
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    I have volunteered at UGC hospice for the last 2 years and have nothing put pleasurable experiences with staff. I enjoyed the office environment when I was administrative volunteer and was treated kindly by every staff member, plus they make you feel like family. Once I transitioned into a patient volunteer, I found my true hospice purpose of providing comfort and friendship to patients. I have seen how the nurses respect and treat the patients well, as well as educate the family on hospice care. UGC hospice is a great place to volunteer to learn office work and also provide companionship to a patient in need.

    Patty Marmon
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    Thank you UGC for all the support and care. staff is very nice and supportive. we never had to worry about medicines or supplies . they treat the patients like there family members. God bless you all UGC.!!

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    Great people and great service! I have never had anyone support me the way this team has. Definitely recommend.

    Yash Thukral
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    Absolutely amazing service and genuine loving people working here! Thank you for all you do

    Kush Thukral
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    Great staff, very attentive to our needs! Thank you UGC Hospice ❤️

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    Great place and staff!

    Amber Claire